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Scheduled Parenting & Mental Health Talks

John usually presents courses/talks that are open to the public once or sometimes twice yearly (usually Autumn and Spring). The next scheduled events are:

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John provides a range of talks and courses, online and in person,  to schools, businesses and community groups, including:

– Bringing up responsible, well-behaved and happy children
– Building your Children’s Resilience, Self-esteem and Confidence
– Parenting Teenagers: Managing conflict and getting on better with your teen
– Parenting Preschoolers – promoting learning and fostering confidence
– Supporting your children’s education and homework
– Helping your children make good choices about Alcohol, Drugs and Sex
– Technology, Social Media and Family Life – practical principles to help your children be safe and to encourage responsible usage
– Parenting When Separated: Helping Your Children Cope
– Overcoming Bullying and Helping Children Get Along
– Suicide Prevention – What a Parent can do?
– Overcoming Anxiety in Children and Teenagers
– Anger management – Resolving conflict positively

– The Secrets of Happy Marriages and Relationships
– Transforming relationships: Turning Conflict into Cooperation
– Cooperative Parenting: Staying together, when you are so different

– Promoting Positive Mental Health in Families
– Finding Meaning and Creating Purpose in your Life
– Cultivating Hope – Overcoming depression and living resourcefully
– Positive Grief – Living resourcefully after loss

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