‘Pressure Points’ 6-part series: How to help your children make good choices

Children and young people are under increased pressures to become involved in risky and harmful activities such as smoking, drinking, drug taking as well as new internet-related problems such as sexting, pornography or online bullying. Parents are right to be concerned and they have a key role in keeping their children and teenagers safe and teaching them how to make responsible choices in the face of risk.

This six-part series of articles, were originally published as series called ‘Pressure Points’ in the Irish Times Health+ in Autumn 2017. They describe evidence-based and practical parenting principles on how to positively influence your children and help them grow up into responsible adults.

Read the series here:
Part 1: Being protective V being permissive 
Part 2: Connecting with your children
Part 3: Talking to your children about dangers
Part 4: Making rules and building responsibility
Part 5: How to your child avoid ‘falling in with the wrong crowd’
Part 6: Building your child’s resilience

John Sharry writes in The Irish Times every second Tuesday. His website is www.solutiontalk.ie