Bringing Up Happy, Confident Children

Bringing Up Happy, Confident Children A practical guide to nurturing resilience, self-esteem and emotional well-being Based on evidence-based principles, in this book John Sharry presents an innovative model of self-esteem that focuses on building children and teenagers’ resilience and character strengths to ensure they grow up to bewell adjusted, confident and happy adults. Suitable for … Continue reading Bringing Up Happy, Confident Children

Parenting When Separated

Parenting When Separated: Helping Your Children Cope and Thrive Based on research into what is best parenting practice during a separation, Parenting When Separated by John Sharry offers practical advice on how parents can help themselves and their children during this difficult time. It aims to build on parenting strengths, giving suggestions on how parents can improve their own and their children’s coping. Drawing on … Continue reading Parenting When Separated

Parenting Teenagers

24th May 2013
This bestselling book from leading mental health professional and parenting expert Dr John Sharry has now been updated and expanded.

Positive Parenting

Positive Parenting: Bringing Up Responsible, Well-behaved and Happy Children Positive Parenting by John Sharry aims to help parents raise emotionally secure, happy children who reach their full potential at home and at school. Targeted at parents of primary school age children, ‘Positive Parenting’ provides a step-by-step guide to solving behaviour and other childhood problems including sibling … Continue reading Positive Parenting

Parenting Preschoolers and Young Children

Parenting Preschoolers and Young Children In ‘Parenting Preschoolers and Young Children‘ you will find practical advice on how to deal with the very real difficulties of caring for young children. As well as offering helpful tips on how to stimulate a child intellectually in terms of improved concentration and language development, it also offers sound … Continue reading Parenting Preschoolers and Young Children

Coping with Depression in Young People

Coping with Depression in Young People: A Guide for Parents Depression in young people is a difficult problem to deal with. Parents often feel at a loss as to how to help and fear greatly what might happen. This book by Carol Fitzpatrick and John Sharry is written in response to parents’ requests for reading … Continue reading Coping with Depression in Young People

Solution-Focused Groupwork

Solution-Focused Groupwork by John Sharry Solution-Focused Groupwork, Second Edition is a highly practical guide for all professionals who use groups to help people. For those new to the solution-focused approach it provides a clear, step-by-step introduction, while for more experienced practitioners it presents ideas and techniques which can be readily integrated into existing practice. Using carefully … Continue reading Solution-Focused Groupwork

Counselling Children, Adolescents and Families

Counselling Children, Adolescents and Families: A Strengths-Based Approach by John Sharry Counselling Children Adolescents and Families is an excellent textbook for all professionals who are seeking a respectful and effective way of engaging and helping children, adolescents and families. Drawing on the best in recent advances in solution-focused and resilience-oriented models of psychotherapy, the book … Continue reading Counselling Children, Adolescents and Families

Becoming a Solution Detective

Becoming a Solution Detective: A Strengths-Based Guide to Brief Therapy by John Sharry Encouraging the reader to become a ‘solution-detective’ and to look for ‘clues’ to success in their own practice, this is a practical and accessible guide for therapists, counsellors and other professionals interested in making their practice solution focused and effective in a … Continue reading Becoming a Solution Detective