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I worry about spiralling back into depression

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My toddler won’t eat for me. What can i do?

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My 13 year old refuses to go to school

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My little girl keeps telling lies

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Pocket Money: How much should I give?’

I’m worried my teenager may be suicidal

How should I discuss suicide with my children?

How do I help an identical twin who doesn’t like to be called a twin?

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Secondary Infertility: Trying to conceive a second baby is causing strain

My 12-year-old son won’t get out of bed in the morning

My nine-year-old still sleeps in my bed.

PTSD: My teenage son is on edge since he was attacked

How can I calm my child’s fear of death?

We need to be more protective of children online

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How to deal with my 5 year old’s anger?

I think my 14 year old son might be gay

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I’m dreading my first Christmas as a separated dad

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Helping my child build a relationship with her absent father

My son is coming home drunk at night

How can I encourage healthy eating?

Caught in bed by my 10-year-old daughter.

How can I make more time for family?

As a working parent, how can I find more time for my kids?

Are my children doing too many activities?

My teenager’s friends are a bad influence

Help with play dates

My husband gets angry with the kids

My five year old is acting like a baby

My children are fighting all the time

Our baby still wakes at night and we are exhausted.

Does our active little boy have ADHD?

How can we help our four year old do things for himself?

Trichotillomania: Our daughter is pulling her hair out constantly.

Does my lively 2 year old have ADHD?

I’m worried about my nephew with ADHD

My son is not ready for school

How can I help my son with Aspergers Syndrome?

My friend is exhausted bringing up her child with special needs

My 8 year old is very clingy

How to talk to my daughter about her stillborn sister?

My child is obsessed with us dying

We’ve drifted apart since having children

My daughter’s friends are excluding her. Is she being bullied?

My child is a perfectionist

My 2 year old has temper tantrums. How should I best deal with him?’

My 2 yr old keeps slapping and squeezing other children

How can we stop the tantrums?

My teenager’s bad attitude is causing rows

My son is being very difficult since we had the new baby

Our daughter’s phobias seem to be getting worse

Our son is jealous of the baby and we can’t handle his behaviour

I think my teenager is smoking

My son has very low self esteem

My 17 year old daughter’s boyfriend is 21.

Teen tantrums are disrupting family life

My teenager is unmotivated and has left school

My 14 year old has lost interest in school

My 13 year is challenging our rules

My daughter won’t study or tidy her room

My son is studying so should I relax the rules?

Single Parenting my 3 year old

How to explain their father’s alcoholism to teenagers?

My 18 year old is becoming violent and angry

My daughter wants contact with her father whom she has never met

My 3 year old won’t go to bed

Egg Donation: Should I tell my kids how they were conceived?

My 2 year old wakes us early every morning

My daughter’s habit at bedtime has become a worry for us

My 3 year old is afraid of using the toilet

My 4 year old is jealous of the baby

Toilet training: My 3 year old won’t poo in the toilet

Should I stop my son’s naps?

My two year old is acting like a bully

How can i get my daughter to play nicely?

Our sons are always fighting when they meet up

Our daughter is fighting and biting in creche

My four year old is bossy and demanding with other kids (Social Skills)

My toddler bit me

Our little girl needs her teddy all the time

How can I get rid of my 3yr old’s soother?

My shrieking twins are driving me mad

I yearn for a baby girl in a house full of boys

Is there a difference in bringing up boys and girls?

Raising an only child

Why has bilingual approach stalled?

Is my daughter ready for primary school?

My child doesn’t want to go to preschool

Introducing my child to a new partner

My children are TV addicts, how can I stop it?

My son has been watching porn on his phone

My daughter is very fussy about getting dressed

How to get the balance right with after-school activities?

How can I help my shy 10 year old?

Our son has a ‘girly’ side

Big sister is mean to the younger one

My teenagers don’t talk to each other

My 13 year old daughter won’t accept discipline from my new partner

How to be a good stepmother

My daughter is behaving badly since our separation

My child has a needle phobia

How can I help my child be more confident?

How to explain teenage pregnancy to my girls?

Facts of Life: At what age should we tell our children about sex?

My son is anxious after being attacked.

Coping with Eating Disorders

How will 2 year old cope with my overseas job?

My son doesn’t want to see his dad

My mother-in-law is very opinionated about my parenting

How will my husband cope with our clingy baby?

We’ve separated, How can I make their second house homely?

Can my alcoholic father-in-law be trusted with a new baby?

My toddler wants only to be with one of his parents at a time

How do I deal with their mum’s drinking without losing the kids?

My 6 year old is overweight, how can i help him?

My son is using cannabis

I’m worried my 16 year old is having sex

My toddler hates getting his hair washed

My child is scared of the bath

My preschool daughter’s friend is mean

My son is studying too much!

My two year old wants me all the time

16 year old is very withdrawn and aggressive towards his mum

How can I get my 3 year old to be gentle with the new baby?

My 3 year old won’t stay in his bed at night

How can i get my children to stay in their own beds at night?

My daughter won’t go to sleep without us

How can I help my 20 year old with ADHD?

How can I support my shy child to make friends?

Are long creche hours harming my child?