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Parenting Teenagers: ‘Checking in with your Teenager’

One of my twins is so cheeky

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My triplets gang up on me

Emotionally Intelligent Relationships: Part 1

Emotionally Intelligent Relationships: Part 2

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My 13 year old refuses to go to school

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My little girl keeps telling lies

Helping Children with Friendships

Pocket Money: How much should I give?’

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How should I discuss suicide with my children?

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Dealing with whining toddlers

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My nine-year-old still sleeps in my bed.

PTSD: My teenage son is on edge since he was attacked

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Helping my child build a relationship with her absent father

My son is coming home drunk at night

How can I encourage healthy eating?

Caught in bed by my 10-year-old daughter.

How can I make more time for family?

As a working parent, how can I find more time for my kids?

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My teenager’s friends are a bad influence

Help with play dates

My husband gets angry with the kids

My five year old is acting like a baby

My children are fighting all the time

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Trichotillomania: Our daughter is pulling her hair out constantly.

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My 8 year old is very clingy

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My child is obsessed with us dying

We’ve drifted apart since having children

My daughter’s friends are excluding her. Is she being bullied?

My child is a perfectionist

My 2 year old has temper tantrums. How should I best deal with him?’

My 2 yr old keeps slapping and squeezing other children

How can we stop the tantrums?

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Irish Times Parenting Q&A with Dr. John Sharry: ‘We argue over our aggressive 5 year old. Who is right?’

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Irish Times Parenting Q&A with Dr. John Sharry: ‘Our son is jealous of the baby and we can’t handle his behaviour’

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Irish Times Parenting Q&A with Dr. John Sharry: ‘My son is very shy.’


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Irish Times Parenting Q&A with Dr. John Sharry: ‘Our daughter in obsessed with us dying.’

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Irish Times Parenting Q&A with Dr. John Sharry: ‘Our son is jealous of the baby and we can’t handle his behaviour’

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Our sons are always fighting when they meet up

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Families Coping With Financial Downturn

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Should I leave my husband?

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Coping with a fussy eater

Irish Times Seminar with John Sharry ‘Suicide Prevention-What a parent can do?’

I’m worried my 16 year old is having sex

My son is using cannabis

My child is scared of the bath

My toddler hates getting his hair washed

My two year old wants me all the time

My son is studying too much!

My preschool daughter’s friend is mean

Online Bullying

Alcohol, Drugs and Sex

How can I get my 3 year old to be gentle with the new baby?

16 year old is very withdrawn and aggressive towards his mum

My daughter won’t go to sleep without us

How can i get my children to stay in their own beds at night?



My 3 year old won’t stay in his bed at night


Are long creche hours harming my child?

Parenting feature: ‘Positive discipline and managing difficult misbehavior’ by John Sharry