Counselling Children, Adolescents and Families

Counselling Children, Adolescents and Families: A Strengths-Based Approach

by John Sharry

Counselling_bookCounselling Children Adolescents and Families is an excellent textbook for all professionals who are seeking a respectful and effective way of engaging and helping children, adolescents and families. Drawing on the best in recent advances in solution-focused and resilience-oriented models of psychotherapy, the book will outline a collaborative approach to therapeutic work that builds on children and families own strengths and resources and that can establish cooperation in even the most difficult situations.

Divided into three parts, the book first takes the reader in a clear and straightforward manner through the background and basic principles of the approach, tackling thorny professional issues such as how and when to use diagnosis.  Second, the book outlines creative applications such as groupwork with children and parents, using playful and creative activities and using new but highly effective approaches such as video based feedback. The last section, considers how the strengths-based approach applies to ‘difficult’ contexts such as working with child abuse and suicidal teenagers and children.


‘In a clear, engaging, and step-by-step fashion, John Sharry describes how therapists, social workers, and helpers of all stripes, can tap into the many assets and abilities lying in wait in today’s youth. I highly recommend it.’
Scott Miller, ISTC Chicago, USA

‘John Sharry’s book is a jewel in the solution focused literature. It is clearly and engagingly written, draws on a host of ideas from different therapeutic approaches and is packed with practical examples. There is no better book on strengths-based therapy with children and adolescents. Every team should have one.’
Chris Iveson, Brief Therapy Practice London

‘Sharry has produced a rich resource from which the reader can consider the ideas, reflect upon them and integrate them into his/her own practice.’
Tim Looker, Steinkopff Springer Darmstadt

‘This is a valuable book, worth attention in every child and family service… I recommend this book to anyone who lives or works with families, children or teenagers.’
Nurturing Potential

‘The case studies are illuminating. The ideas and theories are set out in clear, readable progression. It should change practice. Wonderful.’
V. Draper

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