Bringing Up Happy, Confident Children

Bringing Up Happy, Confident Children

A practical guide to nurturing resilience, self-esteem and emotional well-being

Happy_CoverBased on evidence-based principles, in this book John Sharry presents an innovative model of self-esteem that focuses on building children and teenagers’ resilience and character strengths to ensure they grow up to bewell adjusted, confident and happy adults. Suitable for all ages, each chapter contains powerful and practical principles to help you:

  • Promote children’s emotional well-being and sense of security
  • Help children and teenagers discover their strengths and talents
  • Encourage your children to reach their full potential
  • Develop your children’s resilience in the face of challenges

Drawing on his influential columns in the Irish Times, Part Two of the book contains a selection of questions and answers from real parents that not only address the subject of improving confidence and self-esteem but also many related areas such as encouraging friendships, managing school problems, and helping children and teenagers overcome stress, anxiety and depression.

Emphasising a positive approach to caring for children, this book will help you parent with confidence and have more satisfying and enjoyable relationships with your children as they grow up.

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