Coping with Depression in Young People

Coping with Depression in Young People: A Guide for Parents

Coping_With_Depression in Young_ People_BookDepression in young people is a difficult problem to deal with. Parents often feel at a loss as to how to help and fear greatly what might happen. This book by Carol Fitzpatrick and John Sharry is written in response to parents’ requests for reading material to help them understand their young person who is suffering from depression, to show them what they can do to help, and to enable them and all the family survive and come through what can be a very difficult situation. The book deals with the special concerns parents often have, including concerns about self-harm, alcohol and drug overuse and suicide, explaining when and how to get professional help and the treatment approaches used.

‘Clearly and authoritatively written by two experts in the area, clinician’s who work with depressed children and adolescents should routinely recommend that parents read this excellent book’. Professor Alan Carr, University College Dublin

‘…a guide for parents, a book long overdue and one which will be of enormous help.’

‘The strength of the book lies in it accessible style and numerous practical suggestions.’ Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Wiley Publications 2004
158 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0470857557
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