Mental Health and Parenting Courses

John is the author of over 25 positive psychology, parenting books and mental health
programmes. He delivers bespoke parenting and mental health talks and courses to
schools, communities and workplaces.

Previous workshops include

Parenting exceptional children: A strengths-based approach to raising autistic,
ADHD and other neurodivergent children

  • Understanding autism, ADHD and other neurodivergent differences
  • Understanding your unique child’s challenges and needs
  • Building your child’s well being and self-esteem
  • Guiding children and promoting autonomy
  • Managing challenges and problem solving
  • Advocating for your child and supporting them in the future

Supporting your child’s mental health and well-being -what a parent can do

Over the last decade rates of teenage mental health problems such as depression and anxiety have
greatly increased.. In this workshop John will describe the most common triggers for teenage
mental health challenges as well as illustrate the common solutions that make a difference. As a
parent you will be shown what you can do to help your teenagers manage and cope in a way that
builds their confidence and improves your relationship. The workshop will be interactive with
plenty of time for Q&A.

Parenting pre-school and young children

This talk describes the particular challenges of raising toddlers and young children. In particular
you will learn how to ‘tune into’ the stage of development your child to understand their individual
needs is at and to and parent them in a way that helps them learn and which builds their self esteem
and confidence. The focus will be on getting the most out of parenting so that it is enjoyable for
both of you.

Parenting older children and teenagers

Tackling the ups and downs of the teenage years when children pull away from and challenge their
parents, this talk will describe principles for staying connected with and understanding your
teenager while also teaching them how to be responsible and grow up as independent confident
young adults. You will be shown how to turn this challenging transition into an opportunity for
deepening your relationship with your teenagers

Building Quality Relationships with your children

All parents want to have close, loving relationships with their children, and this is really healthy for
parent and child. Sometimes this can be easier said than done, especially if your relationship is
under strain or if you are dealing with a patch of difficult behaviour. Drawing on up to date research
this talk will outline key principles for building good relationships with children and to how to stay
connected to them and to continue to enjoy parenting even during the most challenging times!

When Parents Separate: Helping Your Children Cope

Drawing on research into children’s experiences of separation and divorce, this talk will outline
practical actions you can take to help your children cope and succeed post separation. Based on
John Sharry’s best-selling book ‘When parents Separate’ and on his extensive experience of
working with families, this talk presents a cooperative model of co-parenting that you can use to
focus on your child’s needs, resolve conflict and difficulties, as well as learning to cope personally
with life after separation as a parent.

Building your Children’s self-esteem and confidence

This talk describes how to motivate children to learn in a positive way that builds on their strengths
and which increases their confidence and self-esteem. Practical tips will be provided on how to set
up homework routines and on how to promote learning in everyday activities with both younger and
older children.

Transforming your relationship

Drawing on up to date psychological research, this talk will describe the principles of emotionally
intelligent marriages and relationships. You will learn how you can cultivate a close connection
with your partner, positive principles for resolving conflict and how you can make your relationship
more satisfying for both of you.

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