6-part series of articles on anxiety starts 10th January 2017

worried_childI’ll be writing a 6-part series of articles in The Irish Times, Health and Family, starting on Tuesday 10th January 2017. The articles will look at how parents can help children and teenagers manage anxiety and will alternate with my regular parenting column on Tuesdays.

Part 1 focuses on the strength of worrying and can be read here.

Part 2 looks at how to best respond to your child’s anxiety, read it here.

Part 3 looks at how to break the cycles of worry and rumination, read it here.

Part 4 looks at how you can teach children to relax themselves when they experience worry and anxiety, read it here.

Part 5 discusses how you can get children to examine the anxiety itself, read it here.

Part 6 looks at how you can help children put together step-by-step plans to overcome anxiety-based problems. Read it here.

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