Wellbeing Series 6-part series

Our mental health is as important as our physical health in achieving well-being and happiness in our lives. However, we can all struggle with adversity and setbacks that can challenge our mental health and cause us to become depressed or anxious. Learning to cultivate positive mental health and to manage our mind despite whatever challenges come our way is crucial in coping and thriving in life.

Drawing from the insights of positive psychology, these six-articles, published in The Irish Times in Spring 2018, present practical principles you can apply in your life to build your resilience in the face of adversity.

Read the series here:
Part 1: Purpose and Meaning
Part 2: Self-compassion and Self-acceptance
Part 3: Relationships and Belonging
Part 4: Strengths and Flow
Part 5: Health, Rest and Fitness
Part 6: Cultivating a Positive Mind

John Sharry writes in The Irish Times every second Tuesday. His website is www.solutiontalk.ie